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    What is the Year in NikeFuel poster?

    It's a poster that visualizes a FuelBand user's movement from August 2013 to August 2014 using their NikeFuel.

    What is required to get a poster?

    You must fulfill the following requirements:

    1. Linked a first generation FuelBand/FuelBand SE to your Nike+ account.
    2. Have captured at least 30 days' worth of activity between August 2013 and August 2014.
    3. Have synced your activity within the above timeframe--the more recently you have synced, the more data will be available to you.

    How can I download my poster?

    To log in and download your poster, click here.

    How do I understand my Year in NikeFuel poster?

    Click here for a guide explaining what each part of the poster represents about your Year in NikeFuel.

    Are posters available in languages other than English?

    The Year in NikeFuel is only available in English.

    Will the Year in NikeFuel poster I shared to the gallery be visible to everyone if my Nike+ privacy setting is set to "me only"?

    This experience does not use your Nike+ privacy settings. If you choose to share your poster to the gallery, it will be visible to everyone who visits the gallery.

    For example, if you share your poster and your Nike+ privacy setting is "me only", your privacy setting will not change based on your sharing to the gallery.

    After I share my Year in NikeFuel poster to the gallery, can I remove it?

    Yes. If you have shared your poster to the gallery and want to remove it, simply go back to the Community icon and click "Remove from Community."

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    Which FuelBand do I have?

    Do I have a FuelBand or a FuelBand SE? Look inside your band to find out.