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    What are the features of the Nike+ FuelBand App for Android?

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    The Nike+ FuelBand App for Android offers a variety of great features, including the following:

    • NikeFuel Daily Goal: Create a goal, edit your goal, and view your progress toward your goal.
    • NikeFuel Daily Goal recognition: See an onscreen celebration when you achieve your goal each day.
    • Automatic syncing between Nike+ FuelBand SE and handset: Bluetooth LE seamlessly syncs your FuelBand data to your Android handset.
    • Move Reminders / Win The Hour. Set up Move Reminders on your Nike+ FuelBand SE so you'll remember to get moving for five minutes out of every hour. Track your success with Win The Hour stats in the Nike+ FuelBand App.
    • Sessions: Track deliberate periods of movement (workouts, games, etc.) by starting and ending a Session. Look at your Session data afterward for focused analysis of your movement data.
    • NikeFuel Leaderboards: See how you compare with your Nike+ Friends and the NikeFuel community.
    • Activity and session history: Analyze your past activity data to see progress and patterns.
    • Profile and settings: View and edit your Nike+ account information and your Nike+ FuelBand SE device and app settings.

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