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    What information can I learn about how I move in the Nike+ Move App?

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    There are six main screens that provide an overview of how you moved throughout the day and week, where you moved and in comparison to how much your friends moved.

    • Today - This is up to date information that helps you understand how much NikeFuel you've earned in the current day.
    • When You Moved - See the breakdown of your day's movement, including Hours Won (indicated by highlighted dots below the hour).
    • How You Moved - Learn how you moved during the day. Your movement is broken down into three categories: Running, Walking and Other Movement.
    • Where You Moved - Learn where your movement took place in a neighborhood location map.
    • Your Movement - This is a great place to view how much NikeFuel you've earned during the current week. Note: A week spans from Monday to Sunday.
    • Compare With Friends - Watch your name jump to the top of the leaderboard by moving and moving more than your friends.

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