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    What are the differences between the Nike+ FuelBand versions?

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    There are several key differences between the Nike+ FuelBand SE and first generation FuelBand. Nike+ FuelBand SE, or second edition, is the natural evolution of the first generation FuelBand. The FuelBand SE has the same iconic design as the original but includes several key features and benefits:

    • Colors! We've added pops of bright color to the bezel and clasp of the FuelBand SE to make it visually interesting and fun to wear.
    • Sessions. We've introduced the ability to create a Session, a focused period of activity you can tag as a specific workout type. Sessions provide you with a more detailed and useful view of your overall athletic life.
    • Win The Hour. FuelBand SE aims to keep you active throughout your day through a new feature called Win The Hour. During your designated waking hours, your FuelBand SE will display reminders prompting you to get up and move for at least 5 minute per hour. By doing so, you can Win The Hour. Your stat loop will display Hours Won as a new metric.
    • Improved materials and construction. We've worked to make the FuelBand SE more durable and robust than ever, ensuring that it will perform well and look great while accompanying you on all your everyday adventures.
    • Bluetooth 4.0 which enables a seamless and constant connection between your Nike+ FuelBand SE and your compatible iOS device.

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