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    What are Nike+ Kinect Training Drill Challenges?

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    Nike+ Kinect Training provides many different ways to challenge yourself and see where you stack up against friends and other Nike+ Kinect Training users.

    One way to challenge yourself is to participate in a Nike+ Kinect Training Drill Challenge, which include:

    • Power Pushup
    • Leg Matrix
    • High-Knee Sprint
    • Split Decision
    • Dodgeball
    • Hardcore Hurdles

    Each Drill Challenge begins with a base of 60 seconds. From there, you're in survival mode, continuing for as long as you can after the initial 60 seconds.

    The longer you can keep up, the more points you earn. After you're done, see where you stack up against your Nike+ Kinect friends who have participated in the same Challenge.

    The leaderboard can be viewed on your Xbox 360 console or on the Nike+ Kinect Training App on your mobile device.

    Note: The Nike+ Kinect Training App is no longer available for download in the iTunes App Store or the Windows Store. If you are an existing user with the app already downloaded and installed, you can continue to use the app as you've done in the past. Be aware that if you have the Nike+ Kinect Training App installed and upgrade to iOS 8, you will no longer be able to use the app, as it isn't compatible with iOS 8.

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