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    What are Pace and Average Pace on Nike+ SportWatch GPS?

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    When you set up your Nike+ SportWatch GPS, you can customize the stat loop to include Pace and or Average Pace. Here's what these terms mean:

    • Pace: Your immediate pace in minutes per mile or kilometer. If you are running with your SportWatch GPS and view Pace, the number you see is a representation of the pace you're actually running at that time. Because this number is calculated over a short window in time and because the SportWatch GPS is highly sensitive, Pace can fluctuate significantly moment to moment, particularly if you are running in challenging GPS conditions.
    • Average Pace: Your cumulative average pace for your current session in minutes per mile or kilometer. Because this average represents your pace over the entire duration of your run, it provides a useful snapshot of the overall session pace but does not necessarily represent your pace at the time you look at your watch.

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