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    Using multiple Nike+ FuelBands

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    You are welcome to use more than one Nike+ FuelBand SE or first generation FuelBand. Here's a breakdown of how to use multiple FuelBands:

    • If you have multiple FuelBands but only wear one at a time, you can connect each device to Nike+, uploading all your NikeFuel. Your cumulative data of your multiple devices will appear on Nike+ once you've signed in.
    • If you have multiple FuelBands and wear them at the same time, you can connect each device to Nike+, but you will only be credited with the amount of NikeFuel you've actually earned based on your activity. You won't see the cumulative total of the NikeFuel amounts displayed on both devices.

    Each time you sync new data, Nike+ reviews your data from all devices and adds only one NikeFuel total (the larger one) per one-minute increment. This ensures that you're getting the right amount of NikeFuel for your activities, regardless of how many devices you wear at a time.

    Here are a couple of additional details about using multiple devices:

    • Nike+ Connect, Nike+ Fuel App for iOS and the Nike+ FuelBand App for Android can only manage one FuelBand at a time. If you need to change your FuelBand settings in Nike+ Connect, please plug in only the device to which you're making changes.
    • When you sync a FuelBand with the Nike+ Fuel App for iOS or the Nike+ FuelBand App for Android, the home screen displays the current day's data associated with the most recently synced device only. Multiple device users who wish to see all their synced data for the current day on all devices should navigate to the current day in the Activity tab or view their daily NikeFuel totals by logging in to and visiting "My Activity" under the profile menu.

    If you wear multiple FuelBands simultaneously, you may see small discrepancies between the NikeFuel accumulated on each device. Some variation between devices is normal and shouldn't be a cause for concern.

    Note: You'll be credited with the larger amount if a discrepancy does exist.

    Which FuelBand do I have?

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