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    How do I change Nike + iPod settings on my iPod nano?

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    Change your Nike + iPod settings on your iPod nano by navigating to "Settings". On the 6th generation iPod nano, tap "Settings", then "Fitness". On iPod nano 5th generation and earlier, scroll to "Settings".

    Below are the Nike + iPod settings you can change:

    • Units of Measure: Tell your iPod nano to display miles or kilometers.
    • Weight: Needed to calculate calories burned.
    • Height: Needed to calculate accurate run distance (iPod 6th generation+).
    • PowerSong: Choose which song will get you going when you need an extra boost.
    • Spoken Feedback: Tell your iPod nano to provide feedback in a male or female voice.
    • Walk: Create a daily step goal (iPod nano 6th generation and later).
    • Reset Calibration: Clear your sensor calibration settings.

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