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    How do I calibrate the Nike+ SportBand Sensor?

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    The Nike+ SportBand measures distance around 90 percent accuracy. You can improve accuracy by calibrating the Nike+ Sensor to your natural running and walking strides. For best accuracy, calibrate for both walking and running.

    Follow these steps to calibrate the Nike+ SportBand Sensor:

    1. Record a workout on your SportBand of at least 400 meters at a steady, natural pace. For best results, we recommend running or walking at least one mile on a certified track. See more Nike+ Sensor calibration tips.
    2. After completing your run or walk, plug the SportBand into your computer. You should see "Calibrate to improve accuracy" in the Nike+ Connect message bar. Within the message bar, click "MORE" to proceed with the calibration process.
      Nike+ Connect software message: Calibrate to improve accuracy. More button.
    3. Enter the true distance of your workout and click "Apply." You'll receive a confirmation that your Sensor is now calibrated.

    The original, pre-calibration distance will upload to your account. The adjustment you make in the calibration tab will be used to improve the accuracy of future SportBand workouts.

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