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    How do I reset my Nike+ SportBand to factory settings?

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    You can reset the Nike+ SportBand to factory settings by plugging the device into your computer to launch Nike+ Connect.

    Expand the Nike+ Connect window by clicking the "Settings" button within Nike+ Connect. Select the "Factory Reset" button, located near the bottom left of the Nike+ Connect settings screen.

    Warning: Performing a SportBand factory reset will clear your user settings, time, calibration information and weekly distance numbers.

    The information you've already uploaded to will remain intact and attached to your Nike+ account.

    Most SportBand users should never have to reset the device to factory settings. But resetting may be necessary for advanced troubleshooting.

    A factory reset is also useful for clearing your user settings if you want to give your SportBand to another user or link it with a different Nike+ account going forward.

    If you are unable to open Nike+ Connect, follow the alternative factory reset steps.

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